Solar PV

RB Power Design Provides Code Compliant CAD+ Solar Power Plans

RB Power Design has many years of experience working with all types solar power systems including Residential, Commercial, and Utility Scale projects. We work with your in-house Professional Engineers or coordinate with a third-party EOR to support the following equipment installations:

  • Mono, Poly PERC & Thin Film Modules
  • Central, String, Micro & DC: DC Optimized Inverters
  • 600 VDC – 1500 VDC String Designs
  • Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems
  • Roof Mounted, Single Axis Tracker, Carport, Fixed Tilt & Ballasted Module Racking Systems
  • DAS and SCADA Monitoring Systems
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems 

PV-R CAD+ Residential Solar Power Plan & Design

PV-R CAD+ Packages:

  • Solar Design for Rooftop & Ground Mounted PV Systems
  • Grid Tied, Micro & Off Grid Applications
  • Existing System Upgrades
  • Plan Sets & Major Equipment Data Sheets 
  • Contractor Logo in Plan Set
  • AHJ Plan Check Permiting Compliance
  • 24″ x 36″.pdf format 

Enhanced Options:

  • CA Title-24 Section 150.1(c)14 Photovoltaic Compliance
  • Service Panel Upgrade
  • EV Charging Station
  • Tracker & Ground Mounts
  • Battery & Energy Storage Systems
  • 11″ X 17″.pdf format 
  • Expedited Plan Completion
  • Expert Design Consultation
  • PE & SE Review, Stamp and Sign

Contact us today if you need a price quote for any of our enhanced options or custom features. Prices are subject to change without notice.

PV CAD+ Commercial & Utility Scale Plans


Complete CAD+ Packages:

  • Solar Design for Grid-Tied PV Systems: Rooftop, Ground Mount, Carport & Tracker
  • Ballast Plan in Plan Set (Vendor Provided CAD file)
  • AC & DC Single Line Drawings
  • Site Plans
  • Custom Logos in Plan Set
  • 24” x 36” & 36″ x 42″ .pdf format 
  • Coordinate PE & SE Review, Calcs, Stamp and Signatures

PV Site Inspect

Onsite System Inspection:

  • Visual PV Equipment Inspection (when accesible)
  • Irradiance Test vs Actual AC Power Capacity
  • Infared Scan for Loose Connections
  • Inspection Report and Repair Recomendationsrequest a quote for design work