About Us

Founded in 2013 to fill a special need in the renewable energy industry…

To provide cost-effective design support for engineers, developers, and contractors working on renewable energy projects… RB Power Design comprehensive knowledge and capabilities give us an advantage over traditional consultants. We add value with our CAD+  resources without adding cost. In addition to providing professional solar power design services, we also offer a similar level of expertise for those installing electric vehicle service equipment and other eWorks.Pineapple Shack RB Power Design

Who is Pineapple Shack, Inc.?

Pineapple Shack, Inc. is a registered California Corporation organized in 2015 DBA RB Power Design. Derived from the name of a home previously owned by the founders and recognized as a place for fun times. The home was affectionately named The Pineapple Shack because pineapples were once prized as a symbol of hospitality and hospitality was the theme for The Pineapple Shack where friends and neighbors were welcome to share good times and friendly conversations.

The Founders

Ron & Cathie Byrd have enjoyed a great deal of success together. In life and in business, they form a solid partnership that is supportive and continuously keeps them grounded and secure. They have eight children and two grandchildren. You can often find CB researching a new recipe or searching for materials to use in an upcoming event. In addition, to being an awesome wife. She also works with nonprofit organizations where she enjoys helping people in need and supporting the community she lives in.

Ron is the operational mind running RB Power Design. First working on gasoline station upgrades during the 1979 oil crises, and continuing to work in the electrical industry he receiving a State of California Contractor license in 1989 and went on to operate a successful design-build electrical services company. Being an advocate for clean energy, he saw an opportunity to turn his business into an electrical contractor focused on solar power and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The emerging technologies company known as Sunstar Precision Energy Corp operated from 1998-2008. During that time, they sold and install 100’s of solar electric systems and supported installations and repair of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Ron later worked as a Project Manager and Senior System Designer for a large multinational company. Since 2013, Ron has provided CAD+ services supporting the design and installation of solar projects. When he is not working on business development or creating a custom electrical design, he likes to listen to music, be outdoors and help his friends build things. He wants to complete the PV Power Box, work on a Tesla Plasma Turbine and design a Residential IOT Panel to help people reduce their carbon foot print.

Areas RB Power Design Works In

We specialize in Solar PV & EV Charging Infrastructure as well as other eWorks including IOT, and robotic work cell layout. Based out of San Marcos, California, and located in the San Diego North County Area, we work for developers, architects, engineers, and contractors. likewise, we engage remotely with clients doing business anywhere in the United States and can support local design activities if needed.

Working With RB Power Design

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