About Us

Founded in 2013

RB Power Design provides uniquely tailored, high-quality, cost-effective design + planning documents and services including project reports, plan sets, plus materials and labor sourcing for: flooring & painting projects, kitchen & bath remodels, room conversions, additions, and ADU’s. Additionally, we design solar PV and energy storage systems. 

Since opening for business, RB Power Design has produced high quality CAD generated plan sets for all types of construction projects. In addition, RB has 30+ years of hands-on construction experience, including a comprehensive home improvement & project management background. We combine our extensive construction knowledge with the power of technology to help homeowners create amazing living spaces. Consider us, your bridge between a full-scale architectural firm and a finished project.

The Founder

RB started working on gasoline station upgrades during the 1979 oil crises and continued to work in the electrical industry. In 1989 he received a State of California Contractor license and went on to operate a successful electrical service company. Being an advocate for clean sustainable energy, RB saw an opportunity to turn his business into a contracting company focused on solar power and EV charging infrastructure. The RE company known as Sunstar Precision Energy Corp operated from 1998-2008. During that time, they sold and install 100’s of solar electric systems. In addition, they supported installations and repair of EV charging infrastructure.

RB later worked as a Project Manager and Senior System Designer for a large multinational company. Since 2013, RB has provided CAD+ services supporting the design and installation of solar and MV electrical projects and has recently started offering home improvement services.

When he is not working on business development or creating a custom design template, he likes to listen to music and being outdoors. He wants to complete the golf cart power center, work on a Tesla plasma turbine and design a standalone IOT control panel to help clients reduce their energy bills.

Areas RB Power Design Works In

We service the home improvement industry to help facilitate indoor and outdoor upgrade projects as well as solar power, energy storage & EV charging infrastructure. Based out of San Marcos, California, and located in the San Diego North County Area, we work for homeowners, architects, engineers, and contractors on projects located in the North County Area.

Working With RB Power Design

  • Learn more about our tailored design packages and Design + services by visiting one of our webpages or by using the contact form linked at the bottom to request more information.
  • Submit an RFQ for all your project needs. Please advise if your needs are urgent, we will respond to urgent requests ASAP.

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