Why Choose RB Power Design?

RB Power Design provides plans & permits for home improvement projects. We combine construction experience and know-how with the power of technology to help YOU create amazing living spaces by turning your vision into digitized information. This high-quality organized data about your living space is utilized for preliminary planning, project development, permitting, renovations,  and as-builts.

We are a residential design + drafting services company that uses a customized BoD process to aid in completing high-quality cost-effective home improvements. RB enables architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners to succeed by applying the principles of Computer Aided Design to render amazing digital assets. Detailed electronic documents can be used for numerous home improvement projects, including but not limited to kitchen and bath modernizations, cabinet design, renovations, additions, conversions, and ADU’s.

In addition to plans & permits, we offer Design + construction assistance to help YOU connect with material and labor sources.

RB Power Design Helps YOU:

Aligned to Meet Your Needs with CAD + Construction Documents

Moreover, we work with you to launch your project using our Computer Aided Design process. After initial contact, we begin the process by gathering specific information about your project. We then discuss your needs with you to determine your desired outcome. Next, we create a conceptual design incorporating key elements of your needs. By adding more detail we develop precision planning documents that are customized to fit your specific project. We can then add-on Design + services to assist you in completing your project.

Areas RB Power Design Works In

We service the home improvement industry as well as solar PV , energy storage & EV charging infrastructure. Based out of San Marcos, California, and located in the San Diego North County Area, we work for homeowners, architects, engineers, and contractors on projects located in the North County Area.

Working With RB Power Design

  • Learn more about our tailored Design + services by visiting one of our webpages or by using the contact form at the bottom.
  • Submit an RFQ for all your project needs. Please advise if your needs are urgent, we will respond to urgent requests ASAP.

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