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RB Power Design Specializes in Code Compliant CAD+ EV Charger Installation Plan & Design

Our EV charger experience dates back to a time when there were 4500 EV1’s and  hundreds of newly developed Rav4 EV’s were on the road. Not only were these vehicles were charged by inductive paddle charging systems, few EV’s on the road used the stationary conductive charging systems in use today. Again all that was needed was a simple 50 Amp Rated 15-40R outlet that an EV owner would us to plug the EV charger into. We have worked with all types of EV charging systems used in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial facilities and can help you select the right equipment for your installation.

Why Do You Need Plans for an EV Charger Installation?

electric vehicle charging station designObtaining a permit to install a single EV Charger station may not require a plan set, however proper planning is an important first step. Equally as important, having a detail drawing helps the installation contractor and property manager better understand the project requirements including placement of equipment, and the size & location of conduits and circuit conductors. A good plan also insures rating of the existing electrical service equipment is sufficient to handle the added load. Furthermore, the installation may require specialized ADA compliance and improvement documentation. Moreover, a high quality CAD+ EVCS design document will demonstrate to others that you have prepared to do a professional installation that will be aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Additionally, our design process starts with a detailed Basis of Design (BoD). Moreover, the BoD intake form is comprehensive, easy to fill out and is used to help better understand the specific project requirements. Additionally reducing planning cost by eliminating unnecessary revisions. It also helps to identify potential conflicts before the construction starts. Our BoD package is provided FREE of charge with the following services:

EV CAD+ Residential EV Plan & Design

EVCS-R CAD+ Starter Package Includes:

  • EVCS-R Design for a single Level Two Wall Mount  Charging Station
  • Title Sheet –
    • Notes, Symbols & Abbreviations
    • EVSE specification
    • SOW, Codes & MAP
  • electric vehicle CAD designElectrical Plan –
    • Equipment Layout
    • Attachment Detail
    • Cable & Conduit Size
    • Single Line Drawing
    • NEC Load Evaluation
  • Basis of Design Documentation
  • Contractor Logo in Plan Set
  • AHJ Plan Check Revisions
  • electric vehicle CAD design11” x 17” Printable .pdf format

Enhanced Options Include:

  • Multiple EV Charger Stations
  • Concrete Pad Mounting Detail
  • Parking Lot Analysis & ADA Compliance
  • Expedited Plan Completion
  • Expert Design Consultation
  • PE & SE Review, Stamp and Sign